SOUL A:M RECORDS Welcome to Soul A:M Records

Welcome to Soul A:M Records

Classic Soul Music to Make you feel Good…

Intergalactic Music Lovers we are on a journey, A Voyage to that was originally a five year mission to seek out like minded listeners, to share my Grooves serving 20 years feeding the dance floors since 1982 up until 2002 nearly 22 years later. I regularly feel privileged and humbled that some of you from our early Unknown days are still tuned in alongside many more newcomers stepping onto our Groove-line… 

Multiple attempts to buy my Concept have not wavered my focus over the years including 2 Mainstream Broadcasting corporations of which would have been disastrous to my ethos as they wanted 60-40% and 80-20% to air their music with advertisements! Something that I have batted away in my quest towards keeping it Real?

I will never ever dilute my style, My Records & My memories have been inspired by both my Mother and Brothers record collections continuing our family quest towards supporting real musicians and artists through purchased my media all bought in real time because we love them!! And not because someone is going to ask for them in the clubs. Once Underground powerhouse UnknownFM and it’s owners loved original Soul back in a time of compact digital House Music… And from the frequencies Unknown! Our Soulful Sunday set transmitted to those once in the know of Mother Soul, 22 glorious years later this coming April 2024, I am the one fortunate to have amassed appreciators of real music Globally with our beautifully in tune in to our now fully independently owned Production studio, designed for real music people to appreciate…You can’t fake this feeling! and I would not dilute my sounds or taint my ongoing mission for anything especially for ill gained wealth or insecure induced popularity or fame! as I stand firmly focused on creating Uncut Segway’s through my themed Productions  or Free-Styled Recordings.

I dedicate this show and it’s memories to all My Listeners who have believed in My Broadcast power towards unleashing positive vibes, love infused melodies conjured from my own Vinyl Vaults through record frequencies created to connect our Souls towards invoke Undiluted Feel Good…

A True Harvest for the World, Enjoy.

DJ/Production Mixer, Wayne [Master J] Nevers