SOUL A:M RECORDS Looking for the Perfect Beat…The 2016 VINYL VOYAGE USA

Looking for the Perfect Beat…The 2016 VINYL VOYAGE USA

Our Soul Unique Journey undertook in 2016 to embark across the vast expanse of the United States with the Soul Intension of hitting as many record stores from East to West coast via the Legendary Mother road known to many! Driven by few finally is coming to Soul A:M very soon compiling with a detailed depiction that will finally unlock all of the tripes and tribulations encountered over a near month through Cities Prairies, Deserts and Coastal highways all in the hope of expanding My LP collection one album at a time! one record store at a time!! all in the hope of Making you feel good! I found so much more than new music…

I found my true self? and Yes!! The Hills really do have Eyes! and More..

Coming soon to Soul A:M Records Vinyl Uncut.

Soul the Vinyl Frontier

DJ/Production & Record Historian Wayne Master J Nevers Soulfully invites you to his world where everything is Soulful, From my very first record purchased back in 1975 under Motherly supervision in Peckham indoor market [Van McCoys the Hustle] all the way to cueing up my first club record behind the 1 & 2s in the Star-Date 1982 under the late great Steve Walshes supervision at [kisses NiteSpot] I just knew that this music was real…and loved even more! The way that it made me feel! So Real in fact i have never wanted this Good feeling to ever end! And that is where you! dear Music Lovin friends come into this eternal Love affair that surely will never end…

Now 21 years in production with 20 + years before feeding your souls on the Dance-floor, Soul A:M was created back in 2002 for me to deliver the finest radio productions straight to air reminiscent of club life’s hedonistic flare, to unleash all that I have purchased unlike The mainstream DJs once dominance I dared like Froggy, Les Adams to choose the lonely life to Master the Mix!  Wow was a once a war out there! Creativity and innovation is key as each week we celebrate timeless melodies like being back there, with a passion to unleash and make you feel free! Whilst never! Making it about me! Fantastic themed Productions that invoke feeling fine, alongside us all aging in unison to the Beauty of Music time.

If you lived these cherished decades I invite you to once more embrace, support, like and cheer! 

If however you did not… sigh! Smile And then Cheer! As you feel the warmth of records I hold ever so dear…The Message have always resided inside my Music, like a story that unfolds retold one glorious sweet rhythm at a time… You can’t fake this feeling? I know! Because this is My Life… 

We sincerely are one… And this journey across our celestial plain that is Joy & Pain, Has only just begun.